Recipe – Walnut body scrub

This walnut body scrub is designed to increase blood circulation, remove dead skin cells, smooth and brighten your complexion. INGREDIENTS 12 walnuts 30g refined shea butter 30g almond oil 5g of Vitamin E 5 drops of Rosehip oil INSTRUCTIONS Firstly – take the shells off of the walnuts Next, ground the walnuts into tiny particles.Continue reading “Recipe – Walnut body scrub”

Recipe – Dandelion face serum

This dandelion face serum is specially created for all skin types to brighten your complexion. tighten and firm skin. This magical flower has properties known for reducing age spots and scars, so perfect to be used as serum before you wear your daily or nightly moisturiser. INGREDIENTS 6 fresh dandelion flowers and leaves Aloe veraContinue reading “Recipe – Dandelion face serum”