Desk Yoga – Neck exercises

As we strain to read our computer and phone screens, we move our chin forward, which causes the cervical or deep neck flexors to strain and become tight. These muscles are key to our breathing capacity and the goal is therefore to stretch them in all planes of motion to relieve strain and improve ourContinue reading “Desk Yoga – Neck exercises”

Sustainable self-healing

Whether you are already a regular Yogi or not, the worldwide Yogapedia offers you a multitude of accessible practices and methodologies with different therapeutic focus: soothing your aching back, relieving arthritis, manage stress and anxiety, etc…. Your self-practice needs to inspire you on a daily basis and to create momentum for the benefits to beContinue reading “Sustainable self-healing”

Desk Yoga – Shoulders exercises

Sitting at a desk behind a computer means that some of our muscles get weakened. When under stress, these muscles cause strain on our shoulder joints with pain around the neck and upper back. This tightness also contributes to poor postures such as neck forward flexion and chest muscle tightness. We also tend to hunchContinue reading “Desk Yoga – Shoulders exercises”

Online Hatha Yoga

For a healthier you. Calm the mind. Refresh the body. These slow-paced classes will focus on correct alignment, breath, flowing movement, and control from the deep core abdominals – with a focused mind in a relaxed manner. Continuity and perseverance are necessary. These classes are suitable to all levels and provided by certified Yoga instructors.Continue reading “Online Hatha Yoga”