Anti-Stress tools

As soon as you notice the early signs of stress, use some simple strategies to feel calm and relaxed: Take a few abdominals breaths. Use your diaphragm fully and make the exhalations long Sit comfortably on a chair with your back straight, your feet on the floor, palms on your thighs, and your eyes closed.Continue reading “Anti-Stress tools”

Desk Yoga – Shoulders exercises

Sitting at a desk behind a computer means that some of our muscles get weakened. When under stress, these muscles cause strain on our shoulder joints with pain around the neck and upper back. This tightness also contributes to poor postures such as neck forward flexion and chest muscle tightness. We also tend to hunchContinue reading “Desk Yoga – Shoulders exercises”

How can Yoga help our mental well-being?

Yoga provides the tools to break thought and emotional patterns that no longer serves us. We have three structures within our brain: The instinctual brain (brain stem), which asks “Am I safe?” The emotional brain (limbic system), which asks “What am I feeling?” The thinking brain (frontal cortex), which asks “What does it mean?” UnderContinue reading “How can Yoga help our mental well-being?”

How Yoga helps us to manage stress?

Yoga helps us to manage stress by promoting relaxation and a sense of well-being. It is useful to understand the science behind the calming effect of yoga so it can, in turn, help us to take a more proactive approach to a less stressed life and more positive health outcomes. We tend to think thatContinue reading “How Yoga helps us to manage stress?”

Online Hatha Yoga

For a healthier you. Calm the mind. Refresh the body. These slow-paced classes will focus on correct alignment, breath, flowing movement, and control from the deep core abdominals – with a focused mind in a relaxed manner. Continuity and perseverance are necessary. These classes are suitable to all levels and provided by certified Yoga instructors.Continue reading “Online Hatha Yoga”

10 ways to detox

Detox can help the body and mind feel more healthy, and is a tool some use to manage their wellbeing. If you’re looking to detoxify your body, then here’s 10 changes you could make…   1-    Ditch the dairy. Dairy tends to build up mucus and slow down liver function. Try alternatives such as goats cheese, almondContinue reading “10 ways to detox”