Tea and Sophrology – part 5!

A report from the Tea Advisory Panel (TAP) joins the ranks of a growing body of research showing how making a daily brew can help to maintain inner calm in today’s lifestyle.

Here are the key findings on this body part:

Lower abdominal area, bladder, lower digestive tract, sexual organs , pelvic floor, hips, legs and feet.

Health concerns: Gut health and gastro-intestinal comfort, muscular health and urinary tract health.

Tea evidence: One study found that daily consumption of green tea for 10 days increased Bifidobacterium in the gut, suggesting it has potential for a prebiotic effect. Bifidobacterium are linked with reduced bloating and IBS, improved nutrient absorption and reduced risk of infections.

Try drinking: Komboucha is a fermented tea that provides beneficial microbes to our gut as well as tea polyphenols

Tea fact: Over half of people (55 percent) drink different types of tea and herbal infusions depending on what time of day it is.

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