Tea and Sophrology – part 4!

A report from the Tea Advisory Panel (TAP) joins the ranks of a growing body of research showing how making a daily brew can help to maintain inner calm in today’s lifestyle.

Here are the key findings on this body part:

Stomach and upper digestive system, liver, kidneys, lower back

Health concerns: Gut health and comfort, liver and kidney function

Tea evidence: Daily tea drinking appears to counteract the decrease in metabolic activity typically seen when people follow reduced calorie diets. The effect is believed to be linked to tea catechins and caffeine which appear to influence enzymes involved in thermogenesis, fat oxidation and preservation of muscle mass.

Try drinking: Green tea appears to increase leptin levels, making us feel fuller but only in studies longer than 12 weeks

Tea fact: Excluding water, tea (63 percent) is seen as the healthiest drink ahead of soft drinks (9 percent) and coffee (8 percent).

Keep an eye, coming soon…Lower abdominal area, bladder, lower digestive tract, sexual organs, pelvic floor, hips, legs and feet.

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