Tea and Sophrology – part 2!

Sophrology aims to bring harmony and balance to our lives by reinforcing connections between our mind and body. A refreshing cuppa joins the ranks of activities to help us achieve inner calm .

The Tea Advisory Panel (TAP) has produced a report which examine the impact of different types of tea (black, green, herbal) on the 5 body zones targets targeted by Sophrology. Key findings from this report:

Neck, throat, shoulders, arms and hands

Health concerns: bone health, muscular wellbeing, risk of cancers

Tea evidence: One study in over 100 women found that regular tea drinkers had significantly greater hip bone mineral density that non-tea drinkers. This may be due to tea polyphenals but is also thought to be linked to calcium in the milk typically added. Six mugs of tea with 50ml of semi-skimmed milk could provide around 370mg of calcium a day which is almost half of the Nutrient Reference Value.

Try drinking: One study in osteoporosis sufferers found that 3 months of consuming spearmint tea significantly reduced pain scores

Tea fact: Men usually drink four cups a day and women will have three cups on average. Around 98% of tea drinkers will add milk!

Keep an eye, coming soon… chest, upper back, breasts, heart and lungs zone.

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