Tea and Sophrology!

The gentle discipline of Sophrology was developed 60 years ago by Columbian psychatrist and neurologist, Professor Alfonso Caycedo who combined yoga, meditation, zen and classical relaxation to enable us to achieve optimal balance and harmony.

Daily practice is achieved through a unique combination of relaxation, breathing, gentle movement and visualisation. This practice is easy to incorporate into daily life because it doesn’t need any props. The goal is to bring a focus to the five body systems and to develop a deeper awareness of our body in consciousness, to use it to unlock harmony between body, mind and soul.

The Tea Advisory Panel (TAP) has produced a report which examine the impact of different types of tea (black, green, herbal) on the 5 body zones targets targeted by Sophrology. Key findings from this report:


Health concerns: cognitive function and performance, mood, feelings, oral health

Tea evidence: Caffeine is proven to improve attention at intakes of 75mg within a 90 minutes period. That equates to wo mugs of black tea, or three mugs of green tea. Research also shows that L-theanine, an amino acid unique to tea, interacts with caffeine to enhance attention switching and the ability to ignore distractions.

Try drinking: A recent study found that daily consumption of 3g Matcha green tea significantly decreased markers of stress and anxiety compared with a placebo.

Tea fact: 50 percent of people say their mood changes after they’ve had a cup of their favourite tea!

Keep an eye! the Neck, throat, shoulders and hands zone coming tomorrow…

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