Desk Yoga – Neck exercises

As we strain to read our computer and phone screens, we move our chin forward, which causes the cervical or deep neck flexors to strain and become tight. These muscles are key to our breathing capacity and the goal is therefore to stretch them in all planes of motion to relieve strain and improve our resting breathing.

A series of yoga postures and exercises that you can perform at your desk. The key is to move and get up often.


Exercise 1

  • Gently relax your chin to your chest, maintain a lift in your shoulders. Hold for 5 breaths. You’ll feel tension in the back of your neck. If you want more stretch you can interlace your fingers behind the back of your head and squeeze your elbows toward your head. Repeat 3 times.


  • Drop one ear toward your shoulder. Don’t bring your shoulder up to your ear. Hold for three breath, relax and to the starting position on your next inhale. Tilt your head to the other side and repeat the stretch. Again, cycle through 3 times.

Source: Dr. Ingrid Yang

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