Recipe – Walnut body scrub

This walnut body scrub is designed to increase blood circulation, remove dead skin cells, smooth and brighten your complexion.


  • 12 walnuts
  • 30g refined shea butter
  • 30g almond oil
  • 5g of Vitamin E
  • 5 drops of Rosehip oil


  1. Firstly – take the shells off of the walnuts
  2. Next, ground the walnuts into tiny particles. You can either do this in a pestle and mortar, by putting the nuts into a canvas bag and hitting it with a rolling pin or by using a blender. Leave to the side.
  3. Place all the shea butter with the almond oil into a heat proof bowl and place into a pan of water (just as you would to melt chocolate).
  4. Turn the heat to a low temperature and watch until the shea butter melts down into the oil
  5. When the mixture is entirely melted, remove from heat and allow to set and go hard. You can pop it in the fridge to speed things up.
  6. Grab a bid wooden spoon and mix until the product turns fluffy.
  7. You can now add in your crushed-up walnuts, Vitamin E and Rosehip oil.
  8. Spoon into a dark glass pot to keep it fresh.

Enjoy marvellously soft skin with your new walnut scrub!

Source: The beauty experts at Fragrance Direct

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