Sustainable self-healing

Whether you are already a regular Yogi or not, the worldwide Yogapedia offers you a multitude of accessible practices and methodologies with different therapeutic focus: soothing your aching back, relieving arthritis, manage stress and anxiety, etc….

Your self-practice needs to inspire you on a daily basis and to create momentum for the benefits to be seen. Be ready to open your body and mind for further magic to unfold:

  1. Evaluate your known issues and needs by listing below:
  • Physical
  • Mental/emotional
  • Energy levels
  • Connection to inner-self
  • Overall life state – how happy are you?

With this in mind, do your research online around what has come up for you – check out Youtube as well as other key online yoga portals.

2. What is your intention for your practice?

Write this positively and in the present tense – as if you are experiencing it right now. For example: My lower back is strong and I am feeling balanced and centered.

3. Location

Where in your home can you set-up your practice space? How can you prepare the night before to be ready to step onto your yoga mat in the morning?

4. Create a beautiful space

Invest in yourself – with a scented candle, incense, photos of places that hold treasured memories. Create your little corner that energetically pulls you in.

5. Time (and time/s of day)

What time and for how long will you practice in the morning? Your yoga practice should complement rather than compete with your roles and responsibilities.

6. Does this feel good, does it resonate for me?

Unless you have developed your practice to a level where you feel relaxed and happy to self-yoga-medicate, research online, or in books, then check – does it genuinely feel good? Is it compelling and inviting or are you mentally over-challenging yourself? Go for quality over quantity.

7. Self-practice for environmental health

What will be the benefits for your world around you? How will your practise enhance the life of your loved ones, colleagues, family and friends?

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