Recipe – Dandelion face serum

This dandelion face serum is specially created for all skin types to brighten your complexion. tighten and firm skin. This magical flower has properties known for reducing age spots and scars, so perfect to be used as serum before you wear your daily or nightly moisturiser.


  • 6 fresh dandelion flowers and leaves
  • Aloe vera leaf
  • 1 teaspoon vitamin E


  1. Firstly – wash the flowers and chop off the base of the stems to remove any dirt, leave to drain.
  2. Slice the aloe vera leaf down the middle and scoop the gel to fill half a cup
  3. Whiz the dandelion and aloe vera gel together into a food processor (a nutri bullet would be perfect)
  4. Leave to sit for one hour
  5. Either using a cloth or a strainer squeeze the gel into a bowl. Carry on until all you have left is the dandelion leaves left in the strainer and all of your dandelion infused gel in a bowl.
  6. Gently mix in the Vitamin E.
  7. Pour into a pot or bottle, preferable made from dark glass to keep it preserved for longer.
  8. Add to skin morning and night and use within 10 weeks.

Source: The beauty experts at Fragrance Direct

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