by Tanaka Makoni
A youthful mind covered in wrinkles
A tender hand, caressing the dark circles
That orbit around your eyes
A black rose hiding in a field of red roses
Plucked from stinging nettles
Painful backaches and tensed up shoulders
Constantly projecting our fears onto others
Affirming our desires through brief encounters we have
Shying away from truthful connections

We fear the idea of being vulnerable
As we peel back our layers
We choose to silence the inner child
Creating multiple defences
Avoiding the truth
Suffocating our faith in trust
Hesitantly embracing the cycle of life

From an infant to a loving child
The kindred spirit is lost
Decades of instructions on what being an adult is all about
Drained the light within us
Inside us still exists an inquisitive explorer
A weightless flower ready to blossom

Tanaka is a singer and poet. She was born and raised in Zimbabwe, migrated to London in 2004. Growing in Zimbabwe and London has given her a dual perspective on society. These differences inspired her to start writing poetry. Poetry is a safe space where she can escape from the pressure of both world.

Metamorphosis, a collection of poems by Tanaka Makoni is available now.

Facebook: tanakam95

Twitter: @tanakamkoni_

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