The basic rules of Yoga and Pilates

Before your start your practice, take few minutes to remind yourself of these principles:

  • Concentration – Be present. Right here. Right now. Forget your worries. Pay full attention, be aware and focus on what you are doing.
  • Centring – Every movement you make comes from your centre. A strong stable centre is the foundation. Read about pelvic floor engagement and breathing. Your centre should be engaged before you move.
  • Flow – Fluid and elegant motion replaces jerky movements. Observe and smooth out your moves
  • Breath – The breath connects the mind and the body. Don’t hold your breath when you find something difficult. Keep your breathing pattern going and see how it helps with your movement.
  • Control – the mind controls every muscle during your practice. Avoid all random movements.
  • Alignment – check your alignment before, during and after the pose you move into the pose. Dedicate some time to learn what is correct alignment for sitting, kneeling, standing, lying on your back, side and front.
  • Relaxation – your practice should be performed in a relaxed manner. If you are consistent in your practice, you will develop strength gradually which will help to perform the movements with more ease. Slowly but surely!
  • Stamina – Develop body awareness, know your safe range, then trust your judgement as to how far you can go. Don’t practice anything too difficult too soon.

Ready to try a Hatha Yoga class?

Our classes are available through Teams. In order to access the classes you will first need to download the Team app to your device.

You can book a class as through our online schedule. Once you’ve booked, you will receive a confirmation email containing the Team link to join the class.

Contact me if you would like to have a little chat!

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