Introducing Neha

Neha is the founder of Ertha Yoga. Ertha means ‘that which is in motion yet grounded’ just like mother earth. Ertha is the first spoken word used to identify earth. At Ertha Yoga with Neha, we are envisioning a time where health, wellness, mindfulness, nutrition, food, farming and well being are looked at as one. Just like the earth; inclusive of all.

She loves travelling and always finds ways to make her contribution towards a better world. Issues affecting society and its well being deeply interest her. Whoever knows her, knows that just by her presence she makes the surroundings come alive. She has a contagious smile which brightens up the place wherever she goes.

The secret behind all this energy and balance in her life is the science of Yoga. Neha has been practicing Yoga since the age of 14 and holds a Masters Diploma in Yoga and Naturopathy. She is an internationally certified yoga trainer and a medical yoga therapist. Yoga according to her has transformed her life and has given her the invaluable gift of emotional stability.

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