Being curious is a high state of being

“When you are curious, you’re not sure you know, you’re a little empty, and you’re willing to learn. These qualities bring you into the present. And being present is at the heart of practising yoga. What are you curious about today?”
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Clear skin and healthy gut

A clear skin starts with a healthy gut The digestive system contains many different species of bacteria which can be good and bad and have a positive or negative effect on your health. HEALTHY GUTProtect the body from harmful bacteriaSupport immune systemEncourage nutrient bioavailabilityReduce gastric distressBalance PH in the intestineSupport skin immunity Promoting healthy gut…

Mindful yoga

Familiarize yourself with the basics ground rules of Yoga and Pilates and remind yourself of these principles before you start your practice…

Tea and Sophrology – part 5!

A report from the Tea Advisory Panel (TAP) joins the ranks of a growing body of research showing how making a daily brew can help to maintain inner clam in today’s lifestyle.

Wellness coaching

I offer coaching sessions to help you explore your motivations, set fitness goals and then take action to achieve them and sustain those changes.

Online Yoga classes

I offer Hatha Yoga classes, suitable to all levels. My slow-paced classes are focused on the flexibility of your joints and spines, improving blood circulation, lung capacity/breathing and building your core muscles. Get familiar with the yoga poses and the use of the breath.

Violette Yoga

All about Yoga and well-being


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